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Release Blitz - Veil of Darkness by Derek Adam. @tbaymedia

Title - Veil of Darkness
Author - Derek Adam
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Release - October 30 2017

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There’s a world just beyond the veil… in the dark, out of sight, and out of reach for most. That is where they live.

For decades, one organization has sought to uncover the secrets of harnessing the power on the other side of the veil for its own misdeeds.

And for decades, a group devoted to protecting life and the natural order has worked to counter the efforts of evil.

Emma is the perfect guardian, living in isolation until called on, accompanied by a tenacious Siberian husky bonded as her familiar and companion. Her life and existence is devoted to one end – using her unique abilities to maintain the balance and bring an end to that which does not belong.

Luca is a paranormal expert capable of seeing beyond the veil and communicating with the other side. With his spirit companions, Sutter and Virgil, he’s called on to investigate an unusual event that will forever change him, and the small border town he once called home.

After a chance encounter, Luca will awaken something in Emma that will force her to face her most difficult struggles, and inspire a whole new reason to fight.

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⚛⚛⚛ What Readers Are Saying About Veil of Darkness ⚛⚛⚛

“OMG Veil of Darkness is amazing. It’s not just that Derek was thinking outside the box on this book. He was thinking outside the universe.” – Misti Long
“I love paranormal and this one was so damn good that I can’t wait to see what books 2 and 3 are about.” – Tianna McPherson
“This was my first read of Derek Adam, and it for sure won’t be my last. I loved this story! I am a big paranormal fan, but when a story line is this unique, and the characters this dynamic, I can’t get enough!” – Shelly Reynolds
“I loved the story, I loved the pace of it, and the entire book is amazing with quirky humour mixed with demons and other unworldly beings.” – Stacey
“It is one of the best paranormal romance stories I have ever read! There are so many nuances to the storyline! So many things to love!” – Deb
“Holy motherloving shitballs, I knew this book wouldn’t disappoint! I KNEW it!” – Jenn Wood
“Derek Adam shows his versatility with this start to a new paranormal series! I love a great paranormal story, and Veil of Darkness has me hooked!” – Book Lovin Mama
“Not sure what words can explain how much I enjoyed this book. Wickedly freaking awesome!” – Arien/Sloan
“I need to state that I don’t usually read paranormal, as in almost never. But this book was amazing and had me turning pages as quickly as I could read them. Derek Adam knocked it Out of the park with this one.” – Katie Sedan

“Derek always does an amazing job mixing action, humor and romance to keep you on the edge of your seat. I truly look forward to the rest of this series.” – Andi Smith

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