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Cover Reveal: Angel Rising (The Brethren Series) by Deena Remiel

I am so thrilled to be a part of this Cover Reveal!! 
Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?? Congratulations on such a stunning cover Deena Remiel.

For more information on Deena Remiel's books, series, or events, please visit her Website .

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Friday, June 26, 2015

New Release: Pill Hill by Bryan W. Dull

Pill Hill
Bryan W Dull

A Chemically Imbalanced Romance: 

Confined to the third floor of an old psychiatric ward located in a hospital on the verge of shutting down, Mason Phillips walks the same hall alongside others that have afflictions that range from obsessive compulsive disorder to schizophrenia. Based on the belief that he does not need help for what ails him mentally, he finds solace in a young woman that sleeps in the room across the hall. 
Enamored with a woman that he knows nothing about, Mason is faced to converse with other patients about their addictions and phobias as he tries to come to terms with his past and understand others. 
Sometimes the people that seem different can be the ones that understand the most. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spin Me Round by Elle Carmichael Release Day Blitz


Spin Me Round Release Day Blitz!

Spin Me Round Book One, Two and Three
Spin Me Series
Author: Elle Carmichael
Genre: Erotica (LGBT)
Release Date: June 25th

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Garnet Delaware is one of LA’s best DJs, although her fight to the top has been far from easy. Life was tough after leaving home at sixteen, but she’s shed sweat and tears to earn the respect of the music industry and is now content in the arms of her girlfriend, Lena. When Garnet is offered the opportunity of a lifetime —performing at music festivals around the country in her breakout tour— she can’t wait to take the next step. However, she’s not looking forward to leaving Lena behind, even if the separation is only temporary.

NFL bad boy Wesley Black has disgraced himself, throwing away his football career. Now he is determined to get back on track to prove he has his life under control. And despite the fact that his dreams have been flushed down the toilet, he wants to redeem himself by helping Garnet achieve hers. But his desire for Garnet grows, so when the tour that he’s managing ends, Wes isn’t ready to let her slip away so easily.

Plans are not always set in stone. An unexpected turn almost ruins Garnet’s career, and the person she most despises wants to help her find her way back. Turns out, the truth has a way of unlocking secrets that can either make Garnet stronger or destroy everything she’s worked so hard to build..


Spin Me Round.png

Spin Me Round (2).png

Spin Me Round (1).png

Elle Carmichael.png

spin-me-round book 1.jpg

spin-me-round book 2.jpg

spin-me-round book 3.jpg

Author Bio

Elle Carmichael lives near the beach with her better half. When Elle is not writing she loves to read, go hiking, and when time permits camp out under the stars. Elle loves to meet new people, experience new things, and discover secret holiday spots.


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Newly Released: The Reapers (The Hunted Series Book 1) by Ali Winters

Title: The Reapers
Genre: YA/Fantasy
Release Date: May 31, 2015

The balance of life and death must be kept at all costs.

Having been a reaper as long as she can remember, Nivian knows that what she does is essential in maintaining balance. After being assigned to a rushed mark she finds that there is more to this human than any other she has encountered.
Kain had been living an ordinary life without a second thought until he meets Nivian who turns his world upside down. He is thrust into a world of hunters and reapers. The keepers of life and death have been feuding for centuries over a reason no one can even remember.

With Kain having been marked for reaping, and Nivian being hunted, they forge a friendship and together must find the truth in order to keep balance in check. Wrong choices could destroy everything. As they journey they discover hidden histories, powers, and lies and truths that have been spun since the beginning of time. The consequence of failure, unimaginable.

Jumping over the edge of the bridge, Nivian landed with a soft tap on the surface of the water. She reached down, pulled the soul of the driver up by the collar of his shirt, and stood him up next to her on top of the water. She took the driver’s hand, palm up, in hers and waved her other hand over his. Pinching the air, she pulled, lifting up and exposing his life thread, his wide eyes were hypnotized by the glowing string of light. Grabbing the scythe strapped to her back she swung. With a slow, deliberate movement Nivian sliced the human’s life thread. The light formed a ball and hovered as she pulled out a small pocket watch. The life energy floated down to the watch and sunk into it, disappearing. With a snap, she closed the watch and returned it to her pocket.  
“You really shouldn’t drink and drive; you could have seriously hurt someone,” she said, giving him an apathetic look. 
He gaped at her, mouth opening and closing like a fish. 
“Yes, you really are dead,” she confirmed as she turned away. 
“Are you … the devil?” he finally managed to sputter.  
“No, of course not. I am just the natural order of things,” she said, looking over her shoulder at him “Wait here. Your spirit counselor will be here soon to guide you to your afterlife. I have other jobs tonight.” She turned, walking away as she pulled her hood back up over her head and vanished. 

Author Bio: 
Ali grew up in the Pacific North West. She attended Oregon State University for photography. After many adventures she moved to Colorado and earning second degree, she found and met and married her husband. Ali currently lives in windy Wyoming with her husband and two dogs. When not writing Ali is either photographing, knitting, reading, dancing, or staying inside where it’s warm with a hot cup of coffee and dreaming of traveling the world someday soon.

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New Release: My Brother's Keeper by Tim Miller


Simon is a six year old boy with autism. He is often subject to throwing fits and tantrums at random times, sometimes lasting for hours. His father committed suicide when he was a toddler leaving the family to fend for themselves. Simon’s own mother is at the end of her rope and not sure what to do with him. The only stable force in Simon’s life is Bobby. Bobby is his twelve year old brother who loves Simon dearly and will protect him at any cost. 

Bobby has had his own issues with anger and violent outbursts, yet he has all the patience in the world for Simon. This dynamic has created a “Her vs. us” situation with their own mother who each day despises her own children even more. As she slowly loses her mind, taking out her rage and frustration on the boys, Bobby will go to any length to protect Simon from the one who should care for him the most. The brothers thought horror was the monsters you see in books or movies. They are about to learn, true horror lives with us every day.


Author Bio

Tim Miller has dedicated his life to writing stories that will both scare readers and make them cringe. 

Over the years, Tim's writings have evolved into darker realms. He released his first horror novel, "The Hand of God" in 2011. Since then his books have become progressively more violent and gory. With the release of "Family Night" in 2013, Tim had moved into the world of extreme horror where he continues to push the boundaries of human suffering.

Tim is now an international best seller as well. His book, "Hell, Texas" has recently ranked high on Amazon sales charts since its release in Germany under German publisher, Festa-Verlag. 

He continues to climb the sales charts with his April Almighty series, as well as his recent hits, "Hacked" and "Lady Cannibal." 

Tim is very active on social media and loves interacting with his readers. You can find him at his website at http://timmiller.org.

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Announcing Books for Boobies: An Anthology to Benefit NBCF

Tara Oakes has joined up with a number of amazing authors to publish an anthology and all proceeds will go to breast cancer. We would love to be able to raise money for mammograms to help women get screened for cancer.



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Author Spotlight and New Release:Call of the Moon by Nicolajayne (Enjay) Taylor

Welcome to Author Spotlight!
Today we have International Author
 Nicolajayne (Enjay) Taylor and her books on the blog. I am super excited too.

Author Bio:

Nicolajayne Taylor is horror erotica's newest and hottest writer. This year she was signed for a three year contract with Vamptasy Publishing owned by the legendary S J Davis, for her debut novel The Curse of Mary. The novel will be released at the beginning of 2015 which is to ignite this author for greatness. 

We have already had a fantastic taster of one of Nicolajayne Taylor's short stories which was released in the best international selling anthology 'Bloody Sexy'. The anthology was edited and also featuring the queen of erotic horror Carmilla Voiez, for Hot Ink Press. The story titled The Fallen Ones, left readers wanting more and it was a example of just how talented this author really is. 

Nicolajayne is nicknamed Enjay by friends, family and colleagues. At the age of 32, Enjay lives in the north-west of England. Having grown up in Merseyside, and later moving to Lancashire. Enjay has a adventurous side, she likes to travel the length and width of Britain, taking inspiration from the people and places. A deep interest in history, the paranormal and of all cultures, lends a hand to all of her stories, including life experience. Enjay's stories are captivating with tantalising spookery. Every element is carefully woven into her plots and the characters that are outrageously earthy and realistic. The world in which she creates are dark, mysterious and seduces you into reading and wanting more from this talented gifted author.

Call of the Moon, a horror story and for those of you who like the game Silent Hill and if you do then this book is for you. Nicolajayne Taylor, author of the smash hit, The Curse of Mary,
Pantheon, The Cult of Desire and The Fallen Ones now brings you her talents once more.

This relatively new author has captivated all that are familiar with her works. We are inviting Bloggers, beta readers and reviewers to
get on board for this latest release. If you are not familiar with Nicolajayne's work, no worries as you can pick up any
of her books from Amazon or for free with Amazon Unlimited.


The moon will rise, the moon will be bright and it will call upon the night… Lindsay Delfino begins to receive strange calls one evening. She has strange and frightening dream about a stray dog she saw on her way home from work and she awakens to her room turned over by some unseen force. When one of those calls comes through at work, her boss, Lee Waterman steps- in and Lindsay’s world is suddenly, terrifyingly turned upside down. This dark tale comes from the one and only Nicolajayne Taylor, you can be assured that it will have you spooked. Call of the Moon is the first in a two book series is horror at its best. The story is along the lines of the computer game Silent Hill but more frightening as Lindsay and Lee fall into an alternative world that they must follow the clues to get back to their own world.

US Amazon

UK Amazon

Join Nicolajayne for her brand new release of Call of the Moon.

We have had a fantastic taste of Nicolajayne Taylor's
short stories. One short story in particular that was released in the best international selling anthology, 'Bloody Sexy' titled The Fallen Angels. The anthology was edited and also featuring the queen of erotic horror Carmilla Voiez, for Hot Ink Press. The story titled The Fallen Ones, left readers wanting more and it was an example of
just how talented this author really is.

Bloody Sexy Anthology

The Curse of Mary

The Cult of Desire

Pantheon: Two Sexy Tales of Saturnalia

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Coming Soon: Call of the Moon by Nicolajayne Taylor

Release date June 22nd
Call of the Moon
by Nicolajayne Taylor

The moon will rise, the moon will be bright and it will call upon the night… Lindsay Delfino begins to receive strange calls one evening. She has strange and frightening dream about a stray dog she saw on her way home from work and she awakens to her room turned over by some unseen force. When one of those calls comes through at work, her boss, Lee Waterman steps- in and Lindsay’s world is suddenly, terrifyingly turned upside down. This dark tale comes from the one and only Nicolajayne Taylor, you can be assured that it will have you spooked. Call of the Moon is the first in a two book series is horror at its best. The story is along the lines of the computer game Silent Hill but more frightening as Lindsay and Lee fall into an alternative world that they must follow the clues to get back to their own world. 

 US Amazon
UK Amazon

Join NicolaJayne for her brand new release of Call of the Moon.

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Blog Tour: The Southern Gentleman Series by Nicole Hite


The Southern Gentleman Series Blog Tour

Justified Love - Book 1 in The Southern Gentleman Series
Intertwined Love - Book 2 in The Southern Gentleman Series
by Nicole Hite
Genre - Contemporary Romance
Blog Tour June 18th - July 2nd

Justified Love
SINGLE Cover 1(2).jpg

Buy links

“Grabbing the beers and starting to turn towards the dance floor, I felt a slight tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I lost it and dropped the two bottles on the ground. I couldn’t hear the crashing of the glasses the way my heart was beating so loudly out of my chest. It’s him. Colton Wilson!”

For as long as she could remember small town girl, Carrington Mason had been smitten with Avery High School quarterback, Colton Wilson. The only obstacle standing between her and her destiny was an entitled blonde named Paisley Parker, along with 100 lbs of extra baggage.

Determined to change her fate, Carrington moves to New York City to attend Columbia University. Graduating at the top of her class, Carrington becomes a well-known, well-respected attorney. After receiving a heartbreaking phone call from her father pleading for her legal expertise, Carrington forced to return to the very place she loathed the most.

Returning to Avery, it seems nothing has changed since high school, especially her feelings for Colt. Exploring her new found body and attitude, Carrington is determined to change her and her family’s fate including catching the eye of her crush. With the help of her two best friends, Harley and Skye, Carrington sets out to capture the man of her dreams while saving her father’s farm. Will luck be in her corner when faced with unforeseen obstacles? Will Carrington be able to find justice or love?

Justified Love Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/G2DxV9lOFgI



Intertwined Love
IL 6x9Cover.jpg
Buy Links

To Skye Breeze, life was perfect. Her best friend Carrington had chosen to move back to Avery, Texas. Her relationship with her other bestie, Harley, appeared to be stronger than ever. And, her relationship with her best guy friend, Wyatt Reign, had the potential to be more than just friends. That’s until she arrived.

Having just found out that her mother had a “free-love” relationship with a man in her teens, Skye’s life comes crashing down with the discover of a sister. Not only a sister, but also a twin named Summer who is the spitting image of herself. When Summer decides to make a move on popular musician, Wyatt, Skye is caught between confessing her true feelings, or accepting his new found relationship with Summer.

After receiving an opportunity she couldn't refuse, Skye is asked to showcase her artwork at a swanky art gallery in Dallas, TX. Little did she know the mystery man wanting to showcase her work was a tall, dark and handsome drink of water named Jesse Lace. Watching her relationship develop with Jesse, Wyatt is concerned he picked the wrong sister; the sister he was destined to be with. But, is Summer there to wreak havoc on their lives? And is Jesse just a distraction with ulterior motives?

IL Trust Teaser.jpg

IL Jesse2.jpg

About Nicole Hite
Hi everyone! I'm Nicole Hite and I grew up in Virginia. I'm a wife to an amazing man that makes my life wonderful. We have two fur babies - Harley and Diesel. I love to read romance novels, fantasy, or anything that catches my attention (namely anything really). It wasn't until talking to a fellow author that I started to considering writing myself. Thanks to a lot of support, I started on this crazy journey. When I'm not staying up to the wee hours writing, I'm reading, crafting, or spending time with my boys.


Twitter: @NicoleHite29
Instagram: @AuthorNicoleHite

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Book Blitz: Unexpected Chances by A.M. Willard

new cover unexpected chances.jpg

Unexpected Chances - Book (The Chances Series, #1)
by A.M. Willard
Genre - Romance


Tabitha Michaelson: the fun loving, sassy girl who loves anything that sparkles. What you might not know is, she took an oath years ago with her brother Seth, vowing to lock their hearts and throw away the key. She has spent years keeping up the happy fa├žade and not letting anyone get close.

It's not until a chance meeting that Tabitha meets her match in Carter Northwood.

Here's a man whose life has been filled with lies, threats, and tangled webs of disaster. Carter knows that if he takes this chance at true love, the world around him will tumble down like a spiral staircase.

Two hearts meld to form a single beat from the start. A test of trust, infinite love, and a longing for each other's passion.



Leaning back, I watch as her lips move from side to side as if she tastes them. Her head bobbles while she shifts in her seat. She’s caused me to snicker. Lord it’s been forever since a woman has had this sort of effect on me. My chest is moving up and down from the laughter.

I know once she wakes, she’ll be embarrassed by her actions. Just as I think this, her eyes fly open.

They’re as green as emeralds. That’s what I see on this side of the computer screen. I can only imagine how mesmerizing they are in person. She’s startled, off her game now as she realizes I’ve been watching.

Author Bio:

A.M. Willard is a true believer of soul mates, and happy ever after’s. She enjoys reading, sailing, and of course writing contemporary romance with some saucy scenes.  Releasing her first novella of the One Night Series on April 12, 2014 has sent her on a new journey in life. A.M.’s passion for writing started at a young age, but with the love and support from her husband of eighteen years pushed her to follow her dreams. Once she hit that first publish button, she hasn’t looked back.

Publications available from A.M. Willard include the Chances Series, Love on the Screen, and everyone’s favorite the One Night Series. She’s also had an article published in the Writer’s Monthly Review Magazine.

A.M. Willard was born and raised in the Panhandle of Florida, but resides in Savannah Ga with her husband, son, two cats, one rotten dog, and her six chickens. Yes, we said chickens…

You can connect with A.M. Willard on her websitewww.amwillard.com or subscribe to her newsletter for the latest releases, teasers and sale alerts.

Author Links:
Blog – Website http://amwillard.com/

Release Day Blast and Giveaway: Darker Side of the Worlds by Lexi Ostrow

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.59.43 AM

Welcome to the Release Day Blast for Lexi Ostrow's Darker Side the Worlds! Comment with your answer to be entered in the Giveaway below.


Dale grew up fighting for self respect and the respect of others. Being a Word Speaker hadn’t helped. Most of the Guardians he had sought out those that were decidedly darker and fighting on what could be seen as the wrong side of the war. When Ciara gives him her gifts to follow her own happy ending he’s forced to see his self worth and honor her precious gift.

Breena is a dark sprite in charge of sneaking through dreams to steal information in a war between the Seelie and Unseelie court in her world. Finding out she’s a book character destined to save the life of a human comn’t her cup of tea - but it was her father’s. Commanded to get close the Word Speaker Dale so they could all enter his world she’s forced to leave what she knows behind and corrupt a man on the brink of finding himself.

When passion ignites between Dale and Breena he finds himself seduced by the darkness once more. He’s tangled up in a web that threatens to change his stance in the war just before his 27th birthday. When her true intentions come out he will have to choose between dark and light, and where he stands in the war.


“God damn it, Breena. Fuck.” He reached up and tugged her head to his and covered her mouth with his own.

She tasted as good as she had the first time, fruity and sweet. He wanted to lose himself in the kiss, in her body. He was certain she wasn’t going to pull back, so he let her head go and his hands found her perfect breasts. He pinched the already hard nipples, and she jerked, the sensation rocking through his cock so hard he wanted her to stop holding him and let him slip inside.

“Dale, Dale, I want this. I want you.” She pulled back from the kiss and stopped moving against him. “I know what I do for my father, but this isn’t for him. This isn’t for that tool that told me the rules. This is for me, for you.”

Her words were hard to ignore. She was giving him one chance to take the way out, and he knew it. But he didn’t want it. Not at that moment. She was right, they could clear their heads after they had sex, and then he could properly set her aside and find the right Guardian. He’d been without for long enough, and she was beautiful, wet and begging.

“Just tonight, Breena. Just so we can think clearly, and because I seriously don’t have any energy left to stop this.”

She chuckled and it was filled with lust. The sound shot any blood left over straight into his erection. She guided him into her body, and as he sunk into her folds, he groaned. She was hot and tight around him, and when she had taken him all the way to the hilt, she began to move.

About the Author: 

Lexi Ostrow has been in love with the written word since second grade when her librarian started a writing club. Born in sunny southern California she's spent time in various places across the country and can't wait to settle down somewhere in the French Quarter when she's able too.

Lexi has been a writer ever since the second grade in some form or another. Getting her degree in creative writing and her master's in journalism she couldn't wait to get a chance to put her fantasies down on paper. From paranormal romance to thriller there isn't a genre she doesn't love to spend her time reading or writing.
Reading and writing are her first loves but her passion for shopping, love for yummy food and her love for all her many pets. She hopes to one day help other readers fall in love with writing as she did.

Connect with Lexi:

GIVEAWAY (open until 10am 6/20/15):
ecopy set of Guardians books - Torn Between Two Worlds, Worlds on Fire, Darker Side of Worlds
To win, comment below with what would tempt you to fall to darkness.