Sunday, June 21, 2015

Coming Soon: Call of the Moon by Nicolajayne Taylor

Release date June 22nd
Call of the Moon
by Nicolajayne Taylor

The moon will rise, the moon will be bright and it will call upon the night… Lindsay Delfino begins to receive strange calls one evening. She has strange and frightening dream about a stray dog she saw on her way home from work and she awakens to her room turned over by some unseen force. When one of those calls comes through at work, her boss, Lee Waterman steps- in and Lindsay’s world is suddenly, terrifyingly turned upside down. This dark tale comes from the one and only Nicolajayne Taylor, you can be assured that it will have you spooked. Call of the Moon is the first in a two book series is horror at its best. The story is along the lines of the computer game Silent Hill but more frightening as Lindsay and Lee fall into an alternative world that they must follow the clues to get back to their own world. 

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Join NicolaJayne for her brand new release of Call of the Moon.

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