Friday, March 20, 2015

Review: Paper Dolls by Rue Volley

Title: Paper Dolls
Author: Rue Volley
Publication Date: March 18th 2015 
Publisher: Hot Ink Press

In the future one thing is certain. The Earth wasn't ready to fight off an alien invasion and just as predicted it was a virus that wiped the majority of the population out. 
The aliens knew this, just as we did and they targeted the male population, leaving the females to fend for themselves. 
Instead of becoming victims of this onslaught the women rose up and built flyers to take to the skies. They built an army of the Paperdolls and fought back to reclaim what belonged to them. 

When your only HOPE of survival is to take to the skies. 

**Paper Dolls is a prequel to a full-length novel coming in late 2015** 

I Love This One - More Please?

This review is for PAPER DOLLS by Rue Volley.

OMGosh! I Love this story. Set in a time when our world has been invaded, attacked, and eradicated of our male species—what a storyline! I found myself flipping pages needing to know what would happen next!

Fast-paced, action-packed with a variety of events, there is something for everyone. Anger, hatred, betrayal, self-preservation, self-discovery, that has a steam factor that is soft and gentle. I really liked the presentation and flow of this little gem.

Well depicted and picturesque I can invision this in an anime style feature. The characters are believable, personable, and likable. There is conflict throughout the story that made me think, "What if this actually happened?" Scary? You, bet!

Rue Volley is growing in her writing craft with each new story she writes. More Please? I would Love to see more of this world from Rue!



Thursday, March 19, 2015

Good Night World

As this Thursday Night comes to a peaceful close. I would just like to simply say Sleep Tight!

Picture is from our Road Trip to Colorado. Taken by yours truly. 😅