Friday, October 27, 2017

New Release & Review - Christmas in Dark Moon Vale - A Blood Curse Series Novella - by Tessa Dawn

Title - Christmas in Dark Moon Vale
Series - A Blood Curse Series Novella
Author - Tessa Dawn
Genre - Gothic Romance, Dark Fantasy
Release Date - October 23, 2017

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Discover the "Extraordinary Storytelling Talents" of Tessa Dawn in her breathtaking, original saga: The Blood Curse Series (Quote by Midwest Book Review) 

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⚛⚛⚛ SYNOPSIS ⚛⚛⚛

Join the vampires of Dark Moon Vale in this holiday adventure filled with treachery, vengeance, and mayhem...  

Back Blurb - Marquis Silivasi is an Ancient Master Warrior in the arcane house of Jadon: a clan of lethal vampires living in the Rocky Mountains. Known to be harsh, unyielding, and socially inept, he and his iron core yield to only one person--his destiny, Ciopori Demir. 

The beautiful, ancient princess can bend Marquis's will--and melt the vampire's heart--with nothing more than a crook of her finger. She owns the keys to his soul. Only this year, at Christmas, she has gone too far...

She has meddled in vampire-human affairs.

She has plotted behind Marquis's back.

And she has disturbed his fragile peace by offering to host a Christmas Eve Gala at the couple's private estate, which is secluded for a reason...

It is time to teach the female a lesson -- Marquis is still the master of his domain!

A serene, picturesque valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains; an internal family squabble, boiling to the surface; and a Christmas Eve feast, hosted by creatures of the night who don't eat, can't cook, and rarely socialize with humans...

What could go wrong? 

5 out of 5 Hearts

Embark on a holiday journey through Dark Moon Vale, you never know what will happen! 

I Love the humor, love, passion, intensity, suspense, every excruciating twist, mind-blowing turn, lesson learned, and action-packed scene within this little gem of a peek into my beloved Silivasi Family at Christmas time. I never want this beautiful, deeply emotional rollercoaster ride, and picturesque world to end. I am very fond of these characters, they live by a code. 


They're Freaken Drop-Dead Gorgeous! 

Well written, easy to follow, and oh so hard to put down. I tried not to gobble it up, but I did. Multi-layered with a plethora of raw emotion, I went from giggling to getting upset, then the story would turn and warm my heart because the scene was so endearing. 

Oh yes, there was one scene that made me smile deep within, Saber, one of the sentinels, is my favorite vampire, he has two tone hair and a very unique fighting style! Anyway - I'd say he is noticed everywhere he goes, needless to say, this leads his destiny, Vanya, to experience the attention Saber draws. 88

Miss Dawn has the ability to reach deep down within herself to create lethal, yet, passionate characters that bring me to my knees, with their loyalty, passion, trials, tribulations, and self-control. 

Marquis is an Ancient Master Warrior, loyal, intense, skilled, and deadly. Ciopori Demir Silivasi is an original princess, and Marquis' destiny, who needs to be taught a lesson, Marquis, as her mate, is the teacher. Oh, what will happen, I can imagine... I will never tell.

Merry Christmas Dark Moon Vale Style


⚛⚛⚛ Blood Curse Series ⚛⚛⚛
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Blood Awakening, 2
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Christmas In Dark Moon Vale, 9.5

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