Friday, August 26, 2016

New Release: Evergreen Elix (Elix Series #1) by E. M. SKY

Title: Evergreen Elix
Series: Elix Series
Author:  E.M.SKY
Genre: YA Fictional Fairytale/Mythology
Release Date: August 26, 2016
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The world is a mysterious place to Faye Evergreen. After the disappearance of her brother, Ethan, shortly after moving to a small town in the mountains, Faye is determined to unlock the truth. On the eve of her escape from her Aunt, she meets Lux, the handsome sentinel, whose fiery spirit lures Faye. Lux is the arch to Ethan's whereabouts and together they enter into a magical world of mythology and dimensional time travel.

Being in the dark forest didn’t affect my sight in the slightest. In fact I could see clearly as if I was in sunlight. Silver hair grabbed my attention. Standing around 6 ft, shirtless, deep green eyes probing mine, most likely curious. I kept eye contact as I moved towards this beautiful stranger. “Why did you run from me?” I asked, trying to calm my nerves. My shaky voice gave me away.
He continued to stare at me. “It’s rather rude to just stare.”
In a deep earthy voice he spoke. “It’s rather dangerous to chase a stranger into the forest at night.”
He did have a point. Shrugging I stepped closer. “What were you doing in my backyard?”
“Do you always chase those who walk around a stream out of your yard? I guess you are the guard animal.” He taunted. His silver curls hung in his face as the wind blew around us. His full lips parted into a half smile.
“You should be terrified then. I can be pretty intimidating.” This was my lame attempt at flirting, which it was immensely embarrassing.
He cocked his head to one side. “What is your plan now? You caught me.”
I tried not to look at his shirtless body, his tattered linen type pants hung low. He had lean muscles and tan. Which is interesting to come in contact with another tan Coloradian. I didn’t have a strategy and stared at him blankly. The silence was filled with an awkward energy drifting between us.
“I’m Lux.” He said. He didn’t stick his hand out, but cross his arms with an amused expression.

Born in Blackpool England, December 8,1985. Raised in West Palm Beach Florida. Around the age of nine Emily developed a passion for creative writing as well as playing with her mother's cam corder. She soon began creating scenes and having her younger brothers and friends act in her short films. By 16 Emily wrote her first book, Lily, based on her friends life. When she graduated high school she was scouted by Wilhelmina models, soon realizing after being on multiple film sets Emily decided to be behind the camera.

In 2006 she Directed her first music video, which led to many more. By 2012 she began turing her attention to narrative films. After the success of her first book Awaken Me she has since written Capture Me and Within Darkness. E.M.SKY also known as EMILY GOSSETT, went through a very difficult divorce in which she chose to change her name. New book called "Evergreen Elix" is in the works now, as well as a Virtual Reality network she co-found which she partnered with NASA.

"Reach for the stars, for there is already footprints on the moon" ~E.M.SKY


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