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Cover Reveal and Author Chat with Deena Remiel

Welcome to I Love My Authors
I am ecstatic to have Deena Remiel on the blog today! Welcome to I Love My Authors Deena! I have been a Street Team Member for quite a while now, it never ceases to amaze me just how many stories authors write. Deena is an Amazing Author... and one I adore. I am so pleased to share the Cover Reveal today of  Devil Du Jour (The Book Waitress Series #2)



My name is Deena Remiel, and I am an author of paranormal romance, urban an dark fantasy, and poetry. I also teach language arts to middle schoolers. Curiously, I find myself writing all sorts of correspondence for my family and friends, but they are everything to me, and frequently serve as fodder for elements of my novels, poems, and posts. They take it all in stride, though, and with good humor. So, it's really a perfect give and take relationship! I belong to RWA national and the Desert Rose Chapter of RWA, where there are outstanding people writing fabulous stories.

I grew up in Philadelphia, home of the most amazing cheese steaks, soft pretzels, oh and the Liberty Bell. It was incredible to be living there during its Bicentennial celebration. My husband and I began our own family in New Jersey, and just a few short years ago, Arizona called to my spirit and tempted my husband with much better weather! We moved our family, and the rest is history, or the present, as the case may be!

These are a few of my favorite things: writing and reading of course, chocolate, music with lyrics or melodies that speak to me, soaking baths, singing in the shower, dancing with my buds, romantic dancing with my hubbie, scrapbooking, watching my girls enjoy what they love to do, and laughing at jokes. Visit my website for the latest news and available books:

Feel free to contact me:

Now for the Interview!!

When did you start writing? 
I started writing actually in grade school. But I seriously began writing a few years ago. Just before leaving New Jersey, I was writing a lot of poetry and considering writing for greeting cards. One of my poems went far, but was cut at the last level. Then we moved to Arizona, and my writing really took off.

What inspired you to do it?
I always loved reading poetry, played piano, and wound up writing songs that expressed what a terribly shy girl couldn’t say out loud. Then, when I moved to Arizona, I knew no one, so escaped to my library and the shelves of romantic fiction. Then, while looking at the beautiful vistas around my house, a story sprung to mind and that was that.

What projects have you done?
I've created the paranormal world of The Brethren. Two full-length novels and a novella are published, and a third full-length novel is soon to release. I also created another world, an urban fantasy world of The Book Waitress. The first book in that series has just released.

Any new projects coming up? 
The Book Waitress is a 13-part series, similar to a TV show season, if you will. The series is already mapped out, and the second book is close to being finished. Every three novellas will be released as a full-length serialized novel. I’m really excited about this. There’s something for everyone! For those who love short pieces, they can get the novellas separately. For those who like to sink their teeth into longer pieces, they’ll have the novels.

Are you an independent artist or are you represented by an agency?
 I am not represented by an agent right now.

Any favorite bands?
Do you use music to inspire you as you write? I adore way too many bands to list here, but if you can say classic rock, my favorites are there. In particular, I love train, too. As for inspirational music, I don’t use music to inspire. I match it up to my stories afterward. You see, music is so engrained in me, it’s impossible to write with songs as a backdrop. No joke, I wake up every morning with some song running through my head. To write with songs playing would be way too distracting. I’ve had some success with instrumental rock, though. As long as the music is unfamiliar, it’s okay.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field? 
First, read! Then, write, and don’t stop. When you start a project, finish it. Don’t leave projects hanging. You must know that you can finish a project of any magnitude. Get an editor! Persevere, and grow thick skin. You will get many rejections, so rejoice in them and learn what you can. Remember to enjoy the experience. Writing should be a passion. Make sure to keep it that way.

Anything you would like to share with readers on a personal note that would allow them to get to know you better?
There’s not much they don’t already know, ha ha. I’ve pretty much put myself out there for a couple of years now on my website. I’d like to thank my stalwart fans who have seen be emerge and blossom. They are my rocks and my army against self-doubt.

Do you find it hard to share your work with others?
Not really. What I feel is excited about sharing it with others. I love to see people laugh, gasp, and swoon over my writing.

Did your writing come from just a need to express yourself or a particular experience that you had? 
Well, you saw above about my poetry and how that evolved. What I write now was actually borne out of a challenge to myself. I’d written sample pieces for my students as a model of good writing. One day, a story percolated in my head that challenged me. Could I actually write enough for a novel? Heck yeah! Six months after beginning Trinity, it was done. Six months after that, Relic was finished, and both were contracted with Decadent Publishing.

Nothing worth everything comes without a price ~ The Book Waitress Series

The Book Waitress

Camille Dutton learned early in life Satan was not to be trifled with. Escaping his evil clutches as a child, he's come back with a vengeance for her now.

Derek Galloway's inquisitive nature has led him to be an award-winning investigative reporter and straight into the path of pure evil.

When a child vanishes from a sleepy island town, Camille, its subdued librarian, becomes embroiled in Derek's investigation. A satanic cult has plans for the child, while Satan has plans for Camille and the rest of the world. Amidst evil of the most supernatural and human kind, Derek and Camille find a shred of light and goodness in the form of their budding relationship.

First in the Book Waitress Series, the portal between Hell and Earth will be torn asunder, and it will take everything Camille and Derek have and then some to close it. Satan won't go down easy, but nothing worth everything comes without a price.
Amazon ~

More Urban
Fantasy/Paranormal Romance from Deena Remiel!

Angels really do exist on earth... Evil better start running!  ~ The Brethren Series

***TRINITY, A Brethren Novel --
Hot angels, wicked demons, and romance to heat up your nights!
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***RELIC, A Brethren Novel --
More hot angels and evil abounds! Three souls bound by a timeless gift and a
love that is eternal.
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***Brethren Beginnings Vol 1 --
Enigmatic angels manifested on Earth. Compelling stories of human salvation and
triumph over evil!
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*** Ghost of a Chance -- A 1Night Stand
paranormal short story of two souls ghosting through life and finding a lasting
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Deena Remiel
May 31st, 2013 - Arizona's 3rd Annual Romance Reader Event!


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