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Review: Stormrage and Stormwind (Storm Chronicles, #2, and #3) by Skye Knizley

Review of Stormrage and Stormwind
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(Storm Chronicles #2)
by Skye Knizley

A man, hung from a light-post in the center of Death Alley. Nude, tortured, headless and left for half-vampire Detective Raven Storm to find, it's her most challenging case to date. Ever-reliable Detective Rupert Levac and new forensic specialist Aspen stand with her as she attempts to unravel this twisted case, all the while coping with the devastating loss of family and friends butchered in the war against a hidden enemy who will stop at nothing to take Lady Valentina's throne and force Fürstin Raven to kneel by his side.

In the end, one cop will stand alone against the darkness. Darkness should start praying.

5 out of 5 Hearts

Amazeballs!!! Miss Knizley has done it again in this second installment of the The Storm Chronicles, Stormrage, grabbed my attention and kept it there from page one...when I had to put it down... I found it stayed in the forefront of my mind!

Action packed from start to finish, filled with mystery, suspense, twisted turns and snark. Who is really behind all the darkness?

Raven and Rupert have their hands full with battling horrific evil... so vividly picturesque in it's presentation... I felt like I was right there with them... I Love that quality of writing and Miss Knizley does not disappoint.

I recommend this series to the +18 vampire readers out there who LOVE a strong female lead. Raven Storm is KICKASSERY BADNESS for sure!

Add it to your Goodreads TBR
(Storm Chronicles #3)
by Skye Knizley

The body of Wade Franks hangs from a gargoyle in Old Town, bathed in the harsh glow of the spring Blood moon. Terrible, bloody wounds cover his body and it’s clear he didn’t give up without a fight. But a fight against who…or what?

Detective Raven Storm is assigned to uncover the truth behind Franks’ death, chalking up another ‘unsolvable’ case for the Chicago Police. Together with her partner Rupert Levac Raven embarks on an investigation that leads deeper into terrifying darkness than ever before, into a sanctuary of evil older than Chicago itself where she will need all her wits, training and vampiric heritage to survive.

A Storm is rising beneath the bloodmoon.

And hell is coming with her.

 5 out of 5 Hearts

Holy Smoly!! I Love this series. Raven Storm is one BADA$$ character. 

Raven and Rup sure have their hands full in this third installment. Chock full of action, suspense, mystery, horrific scenes, unexpected twists and OMG moments. I found myself so engrossed... I didn't hear my name being called. LOL 

Miss Knizley has such a wonderful way of wording Raven's snark comments in the inner dialogue as well as the conversations. It left me laughing or giggling most of the time.

This book may not be for everyone... due to its graphic nature. If you enjoy paranormal horror, then check out this Series.

Book 1 Stormrise
Book 2 Stormrage
Book 3 Stormwind
Book 4 Shadowstorm
Book 5 Raven
Book 6 Storm

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