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Audible Review: Alien Bounty Hunter: Unabridged Audiobook Written By: Tim Miller Narrated by: Barbara Nevins Taylor

Title: Alien Bounty Hunter
Written By: Tim Miller
Narrated by: Barbara Nevins Taylor
Genre: Horror
Release Date: May 31, 2016
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Kayla Masters is the most skilled bounty hunter in the galaxy. After being attacked by a group of pirates and left for dead, she recovers but is permanently disfigured. Kayla sets out for revenge while trying to avoid the evil Regime which rules with an iron fist. While on her quest, she learns the motives behind her attack. The stakes have never been higher for Kayla but she will have her vengeance.
©2016 Tim Miller (P)2016 Tim Miller



5 out of 5 Hearts


I was gifted an audio book version of this book by the Author/Publisher in exchange for an honest review. No renumeration was involved.

This new territory for author, Tim Miller. I have heard his Horror stories, this story is his first in Sci-Fi. He nailed it in my opinion. 

I Love listening to audio books ~ this narrator did a fabulous job, switching up the voices for the different characters, I would have made a mistake and used the wrong voice at some point. 

 This is a well written, intensely twisted trip into the world of self-discovery. The world building is consistent and dark. Full of action, angst, mystery, suspense, and sinisterly depicted scenes that took me winding through some horrific and wicked turns. 

The characters are well developed, believable, and some are wicked as sin. The protagonist, is badass and a helacious bounty hunter. But when bad things happen... Look out there will be a price to pay for someone. 

I enjoyed this immensely! I recommend it for the mature 18+ readers who like horror in their sci-fi.

Tim Miller has dedicated his life to writing stories that will both scare readers and make them cringe. 

Over the years, Tim's writings have evolved into darker realms. He released his first horror novel, "The Hand of God" in 2011. Since then his books have become progressively more violent and gory. With the release of "Family Night" in 2013, Tim had moved into the world of extreme horror where he continues to push the boundaries of human suffering.

Tim is now an international best seller as well. His books, "Hell, Texas" and "Family Night" have recently ranked high on Amazon sales charts since their release in Germany under German publisher, Festa-Verlag. 

He continues to climb the sales charts with his April Almighty series, as well as his recent hits, "Hacked" and "Lady Cannibal."

Tim is very active on social media and loves interacting with his readers. You can find him at his website at

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