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Night Demon and an Interview with Lisa Kessler

I am thrilled to be a part of Night Demon's Blog Tour! I fell in Love with Lisa's writing when I read Night Walker. Now Book 2 is here SQUEEEEE!! I am so happy for Lisa.  Check out the interview and giveaway below!

Lisa Kessler is an award winning author of dark paranormal fiction. Her debut novel, Night Walker, won a San Diego Book Award for Best Published Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror as well as the Romance Through the Ages Award for Best Paranormal and Best First Book.

Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award.

When she's not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, performing with the San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego. You can learn more at

She loves hearing from readers -

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The Interview:
Any favorite foods, movies, and colors? 
Foods: Many! LOL, Movies: Rocky & Camelot, Color: Purple

When did you start writing and what inspired you to become a writer? 
I was an only child so I was constantly making up stories as a kid! LOL I started writing every night about 15 years ago. Eventually I started selling short stories and worked my way up to a novel after a palm reader in New Orleans told me I was going to be a famous author someday! J  Her nudge definitely changed the course of my writing!  Six months after that visit I had the first draft of Night Walker finished.
What projects have you done?  Any new projects coming up? 
I have 3 more new books coming out this year!  Moonlight will be out in July. This book kicks off my new Moon Series, and book two, Hunter’s Moon, will be out in October.  And in December I have a new stand alone book called, Beg Me To Slay…

What kind of pets do you own, if any? 
Yodette is my Boston Terrier and favorite fur-kid.  We also have two other dogs and a cat… J

Are you an independent artist or are you represented by an agency? 
My agent is Laurie McLean from Foreword Literary.  She rocks!

Any favorite bands? Do you use music to inspire you as you write?
Oh I have SO many!!!  For every book I write I create a music playlist with character theme songs, movie soundtracks for mood, etc.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field? 
Practice the craft of writing. Write lots of short stories and learn from what works for you and what doesn’t before you set out to write a novel.  There’s isn’t a recipe for writing, you just have to practice it over and over…

Anything you would like to share with readers on a personal note that would allow them to get to know you better?  
I love Disney villains, especially the Evil Queen from Snow White.  I sing often and love pretty much everything except country and rap. I love chatting with readers so I’m easy to find online… or

Do you find it hard to share your work with others?
I used to, but it’s better now…  Although right before a book releases the butterflies overwhelm my stomach with fluttering and my neurotic inner author voice whispers, “What if they don’t like it?”  Yikes!

Did your writing come from just a need to express yourself or a particular experience that you had?
I wrote for fun every night for about 6 years before I met the palm reader in New Orleans and she mentioned me being a writer.  It’s interesting because once she planted that seed, I had been writing every night for years and had no idea I was practicing for my future! LOL 

The first short story I ever submitted was Immortal Beloved and got published and went on to be a finalist for a Bram Stoker award for short fiction.  I had the bug then, and I knew I wanted to be a full-time writer! 

Don't be a stranger...

Deep within the Yucatan jungle, a demon has awakened…

Gretchen Finch’s job would be much easier if she weren’t alone in the jungle with a brilliant recluse whose every glance sets her on fire. But the more she focuses on her work, the closer she gets to unlocking the mysteries of a terrible creature—the Night Demon—that threatens the world as she knows it. Though her scientific mind tells her it’s impossible, she’s beginning to believe the ancient Mayan tales as the sinister jungle comes alive around her.

Lukas Smith has spent hundreds of years searching for answers to his immortal Night Walker nature. As a series of ancient glyphs become clear, he’s about to find out more than he’d ever hoped, but the more he learns, the more his fate intertwines with the Night Demon, and the harder it becomes to hide his immortal secret from the beautiful, intelligent Gretchen.

Together, they must find a way to stop the inexplicable violence and mass destruction surging across the earth before the Night Demon destroys more than just mankind.

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