Friday, March 29, 2013

Zero Tolerance for PIRACY!!

Happy Friday Everybody. As the weekend is upon us, I would to bring to the forefront a topic that irritates me a lot. E-Book Piracy.

I have noticed that e-book piracy is becoming more and more rampant everyday. This blog as well as my other one, Lovetiggi's Book Reviews, both have Zero Tolerance for piracy of any kind. If I see it happening, I will report it. If the author or the publisher did not post it, it is PIRATED or STOLEN, and robs the author of the monies owed them.

Authors spend many an hour writing often at the sake of their family just to bring their story to the reader. I am a reader and so love sharing their work with the world. However, I will not share the actual book itself.

If you wish to share an e-book with a friend or family member, use an authorized platform like Nook or Kindle Loaning. E-mailing to share or posting in open forums is called COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. It is ILLEGAL and simply WRONG.

Please comment below if you have questions or concerns. Have a great weekend..


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