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The Literary Dark Prince on the Hot Seat!

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OMGosh I am STOKED!!! I have one of my Favorite Authors on the blog today ~ Nathan Squiers  ~AKA~ The Literary Dark Prince! Welcome to I Love My Authors Nathan, I am so happy you are here today. (Big Grin) I have been so absorbed in the world of Xander Stryker or Crimson Shadow since hearing that this author has incorporated Vampires and a White Tiger into an AMAZINGLY WICKED WORLD!!! Vampires and Tigers are two of my favorites. I have just about read all of them too..

Ths post will focus on the "Just Released' installment of this Amazing Series. I got my copy yesterday, I so cannot wait to be able to sit down and be absorbed by Xander even more. If you like a unique, psychological vampiric read filled with action-packed fight scenes then this read is for you. Warning: Some parts are not suitable for the faint of heart.... 

Sins of the Father (Crimson Shadow #2)

Xander’s had it rough…

…and while the trials and tribulations of the young vampire’s life have left him with a fiery rage, things are finally beginning to come together. Armed with his trusty revolvers, Yin and Yang, and a thirst for death and destruction, there is nothing that his expertise and fury can’t stand against!

Except the spell-binding Estella…


Estella finally has her best friend back…

…and, despite her many years of training in the art of magic, it wasn’t until recently that she discovered just how deep the paranormal world goes. But no matter how overwhelming the revelations might be, she’s found reassurance and comfort in the depths of Xander’s supernatural embrace…


With their relationship’s intensity growing, a new threat emerges from Stryker family’s past; one with a personal vendetta and visceral goals. Even with the help of some unlikely new allies, will the paranormal pair (and their blossoming relationship) be able survive the infernal rage?


Actual page from Sins of the Father
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On the Hot Seat!!

Any favorite foods, movies, and colors?
NS: FOOD: I’m actually a BIG fan of Oriental food (Hibachi, sushi & sashimi, Thai, etc…). While my name’s rapidly become tied to bacon (which, don’t get me wrong, is effin’ delicious) I’ve always been into exotic dishes. Most recently this has taken a turn for Cajun food, as well (the accents are sexy-as-hell, too).

MOVIES: I LOVE classic horror (the old slasher flicks and iconic films), as well as foreign movies. More recently I got a chance to see “Sinister” and my faith in American horror cinema was restored (seriously, one of THE BEST horror flicks I have EVER seen; I damn-near ripped my fiancé’s shoulder out of the socket in the theater). I’m also a big fan of the over-the-top & stylized action movies (Blade and Underworld are among the more well-known titles, but I am a diehard Matrix buff and go batshit over just about any movie that’s set up along those lines). I also LOVE anime, especially the full-length movies like Akira, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Vampire Hunter D, and Princess Mononoke (the types of visuals that inspire scenes in my work).

COLORS: Blood-red ;-)

When did you start writing and what inspired you to become a writer?
NS: I’ve actually liked writing since I first learned how (and before that it was telling stories with my action figures or crappy drawings; my fiancé won’t let me buy toys anymore and I still draw the same). The motivation to write as more than just a pastime hit me about 13 years ago (in my early teens), and, as it became more and more of a means of expressing pent-up emotions, I began getting more involved with telling more intricate stories. When I sat down to write the short story that would later grow to be the manuscript for “Noir” (book #1 of the Crimson Shadow series), it had actually started as a creative suicide letter—a small piece of fiction to leave behind—that ended up hooking me and driving me to tell more. As the story unfolded, I became more interested in having the character of Xander survive his own self-destructive tendencies and, in turn, I began to overcome my own and find my niche in the whole creative process.
The rest, as they say, is history.

What projects have you done? Any new projects coming up?
NS: To date I’ve got 14 pieces in the Crimson Shadow series—the prequel, “Wicked Paints”, the first novel, “Noir”, and 12 short stories (which have come to be known as “The Dirty Dozen”)—and, by the time this interview is live to the public, book #2, “Sins of the Father”, will be available. I’ve also released “Curtain Call”—part of the Death Metal series—and hosted/edited an anthology with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, “Grim Vengeance”, which features the Crimson Shadow & Death Metal crossover, “Crimson Metal”. I also have several pieces in the CH&BB collections, “Morbid Seraphic” and “Sinister Seductions”.
I’m also working with a fellow author, S.K. Whiteside, on a collaboration that depicts an integral shift in a character’s history. The piece is “Vice and Virtue” and I have the honor of using my *ahem* less-than-wholesome methods to depict the physical and mental torment that breaks a character from the inside-out.
Past the immediate projects are the rest of the novels in the Crimson Shadow series (seven in total) and the second Death Metal book, “Encore”. I’m also working on some comics and graphic novels (I’ve written several scripts and am currently in negotiations with artists) as well as a lineup of other novel series (including a spin-off of Crimson Shadow that will be five books and feature a main character with close ties to Xander Stryker) and a few other novel concepts that I’ve yet to reveal to the public.

What kind of pets do you own, if any?
NS: I own no pets at all. The two cats of the house—Trent and Yuki—are our owners and treat us quite well (sometimes we’re even allowed to sleep).

Are you an independent artist or are you represented by an agency?
NS: Indie all the way, baby!

Any favorite bands? Do you use music to inspire you as you write?
NS: I am heavily driven by music (both for tone and theme) and, when writing, I have to put on a strictly foreign playlist (mostly Japanese music like Dir en Grey, Girugamesh, D’Espairs Ray, Alice Nine, and Gackt) because English lyrics trip up the words I’m juggling in my mind. When I’m not writing, I listen to bands like Marilyn Manson, William Control, Alesana, AFI, Slipknot, Kamelot, Tarja, and a slew of others.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?
NS: Don’t stop. An unfinished book amounts to no book at all.

Anything you would like to share with readers on a personal note that would allow them to get to know you better?
NS: I’m a horror geek and a comic nerd with an overactive imagination and a morbid fascination with mythology, psychology, and philosophy. If you’re bothered by gore, superhuman violence, vampires and werewolves, and stories driven by warped characters that will force you to think (or if you just hate fat dudes with tattoos & piercings), then you will hate me.

Do you find it hard to share your work with others?
NS: Every single time. Every job has it’s cringe-moments, and knowing that there’s a part of me sandwiched between the covers and waiting for somebody to judge is mine.

Did your writing come from just a need to express yourself or a particular experience that you had?
NS: Both, actually. Some experiences in my life motivate thoughts and emotions that I vent through characters having similar problems. I don’t like to put my EXACT experience on the page, because, to be fair, I’m boring as hell and think the audience deserves better entertainment (but if I stub my toe and think up a gnarly story about a dude that loses a leg and has to come to grips with it… well, I feel better about my toe and the literary world’s gonna have a warped cripple to deal with).

Wow! There is one thing for certain that when Nathan gets in the writing zone, Awesomeness is released on paper, I Love It!! Megan J. Parker, Nathan's Bride to be, is also recognized in the creation of Crimson Shadow, she is a graphic arts major, and an author in her own rights. She is a very talented young lady at that. She creates the covers for most of the CS Series books... Pargraphic Designs has done the covers for  "Noir", "Curtain Call" and "Grim Vengeance."

Nathan Squiers and Megan J Parker

This post was a blast to prepare.. I Love to Support, Promote, and Review for My Authors... I wish there were more hours in the day to read them all NOW! LOL Thank you so much Nathan for hanging out with us today.. We definitely need to do this again.. 

Thanks for stopping by the Blog today Everybody! Please feel free to leave Nathan a comment below.. there is so much more to come from this very talented young man. Below is the listing of all the books in the Crimson Shadow Series to date. I had to incorporarte their AWESOMENESS into this post. 

 Crimson Shadow Series in Order
Note: It is NOT necssary to read all the "Dirty Dozen", but they do give alot of character background and information to the series. I have included the covers and links to them all because this is one of my Favorite Series of the year! 

A Crimson Shadow Prequel
Crimson Shadow Series Book #1 Noir
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")

(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")
(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")

(Crimsom Shadow "Dirty Dozen")

Crimson Metal (featured in the CH & BB Anthology. "Grim Vengeance")
Crimson Shadow Series Book #2 Sins of the Father

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  1. Amazing interview Wendy. I so cannot wait to get the Dark Prince in my hot seat Great Job.

    1. Anytime you're ready, Crystal; The Literary Dark Prince was born of fire, so he's quite comfy in hot seats ;-)

    2. Thanks Crystal! Nathan is so much fun to work with... I am going to read the last four shorts of the Dirty Dozen before I start on Sins of the Father.. We need to interview each other as well Crystal.. (hint hint)

  2. Many, many, MANY thanks for having me once again, Wendy. As always, it was an absolute pleasure as well as a true honor.

    The Literary Dark Prince and The Legion adore the great & awesome Lovetiggi!

    Stay gnarly,
    Nathan Squiers
    (The Literary Dark Prince)

    1. Anytime Nathan! I am honored to host you today or anyday! It was pure joy and a learning experienceto do this..

      I adore the Literary Dark Prince and The Legion... Thank you for your kind words and Stay Awesomesauce!! Muah


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