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Get Your Burn On with Madison Daniel ~Downpour is Released!!

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I am super excited to have my #1 Literary Crush ~ The AWESOME Madison Daniel on the Blog today! Hello Madison, Welcome to I Love My Authors, I am so pleased you are here with us today. 
Of course I have to ask, "How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was wonderful.
Before we get to the Interview I would like to introduce the Ember Series to you! Madison inspires and intriques me in that he paints a beautiful world with words, a wonderful and amazing Paranormal YA world full of emotions and suspense. 

Ember (Ember Series Book #1)

Love never dies...but it can kill.

Ember is the story of Max Valentine, a teenager with secret abilities and many inner demons. His life revolves around music and his love for it. When his father dies he seeks answers with his last living relative, his fathers brother Frank. Frank lives on the island of Maui and eagerly takes Max in as his own. Max soon learns that healing his past will be more difficult than he could have ever believed. Two major complications will tempt and torment him as he tries to make sense of his abilities.

The first temptation comes in the form of a mysterious island girl. Asia Lyn Michaels is rich, spoiled, angry and beautiful. Her path crosses with Max on the beach one afternoon, forever changing both of their lives. Max saves her life and she discovers his secret. From that moment on they are connected, no matter how much they fight it.

The second temptation will test Max’s very soul. Samantha Ann Summers is sweet, artistic, smart and confident. She will help Max find his smile again and maybe even heal his past mistakes. She is possibly his soul mate and Max will fight that with every fiber of his being.

Max’s temper and indecision with the girls will send in motion events that will cost him dearly. He will test the limits of his powers and the new relationship with his protective uncle. He will gain a powerful love and lose another.

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Downpour (Ember Series Book #2)

A little sister lost.

A family tree withered. 

A journey to save the past.

Max Valentine is a walking supernova.
On the run and searching for answers, his light darkens. 
Dark skies on the horizon make his next chapter ominous. 
His powers are fading but still he pushes toward the storm. 
Embers still burn but can he survive this one truth... is eternal but the heart is not.

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Get You Burn On ~ The Interview
Any favorite foods, movies, and colors?
MD: FOODS - Chinese noodles, tamales, Gummy Bears!
        MOVIES - The Crow, The Shawshank Redemption, Aliens!
        COLORS - Red or Black (depends on my mood.)

 When did you start writing and what inspired you to become a writer?
MD: I started when I was a little kid. I used to write and design my own comic books. I didn’t try my hand at officially writing until 4 or 5 years ago. It’s been quite the adventure!

What projects have you done?  Any new projects coming up?
MD: My most popular project is The Ember Series. Book one is called Ember and is available everywhere. Book two is titled Downpour and will release November 23rd 2012. I also have an anthology of dark stories titled, Beyond the Never. I’m in the beginning stages of putting together its follow up, Through the Never. AND finally, I have two brand new YA/Paranormal series I am readying for 2013. The first one is called Lucas Ryan Versus and you should be hearing more and more about it. It’s so fun and exiting! The other new series is called Crave You and will be my next YA/Romance series. Full of sexy young characters and tons of music and emotions!!! 

What kind of pets do you own, if any?
MD: I am a proud member of the “wiener dog nation!” One girl named Dot and one husky lil boy named Oz.

Are you an independent artist or are you represented by an agency?
MD: Both!!! Best of both worlds! I am signed through the indie publisher, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. They signed the Ember Series and have been great for the series. I am holding onto the “independent” label and pushing my next series on my own. So many doors are opening now, I am trying to choose the best path for myself and my work.

Any favorite bands? Do you use music to inspire you as you write?
MD: Muse, Queen, Aerosmith, NIN, and too many more to list. Ha! Music is the one true constant in my life. It is around me at all times. I live and breath music.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?
MD: Trust your words and write what you feel. Don’t try and follow someone else’s path.  Be true to your story and write on. :)

Anything you would like to share with readers on a personal note that would allow them to get to know you better?
MD: I HEART YOU ALL!!! I am always saying “I write for you.” AND I mean that with all my heart. The need to write comes from somewhere deep inside of me BUT the joy of writing is for all who have taken the time to read something of mine. Thank you all!

 Do you find it hard to share your work with others?
MD: Yes and no. When it’s something new and exciting, that no one has seen from me before, yes, it is a little hard to let it go. Once the newness has worn off and I’ve moved onto something else, no. I actually love to share my work at that point. Also, everyone has a different opinion, so there will always be fans and haters. 

Did your writing come from just a need to express yourself or a particular experience that you had?
MD: It’s just another form of expression for me. I’m an artist at heart, in every possible way. Sometimes I paint with a brush. Other times I paint with music. But now, I paint with words. ;)

Thanks for hanging out with us today Madison ~  We will have to do this again soon.  

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