Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh My Serving Up Evil ~ Part 2 Blog Tour ~ Welcome!!

Welcome to the Serving Up Evil Part 2 Blog Tour 

I am so excited to be a part of this TOUR! I have come to adore Deena and her writing style over the last year and a half. I just want to SCREAM IT OUT LOVETIGGI STYLE!!! Oh yeah, before I forget there are GOODIES involved from Deena! How sweet is that? So please do follow all our blogs and fiqure it out, you may just WIN!

The first book in the Series is FREE!! Devil Du Jour it picks up exactly where the The Book Waitress leaves off!

Devil Du Jour Blurb
The Book Waitress, Camille Dutton, has luck on her side. Good and bad. On the upside, she narrowly escaped death and Satan claiming her soul. On the downside, a portal has been opened, and she can feel every time a creature from Hell crosses over to our world.
Derek Galloway is one tenacious man. His curious nature won’t let him rest until he closes Hell’s portal and finds a cure for Camille’s affliction. Satan will have one helluva fight on his hands if he tries to claim her again.
Camille and Derek, an unlikely couple, have found each other in the darkest of times. Will they find the answers they need to free her and the world from Satan’s grip? Or are they in for the longest, darkest battle of their lives?

The Devil Du Jour Trailer

DIRECTIONS FOR READERS: Each stop on the DEVIL DU JOUR Blog Tour will have a letter to collect. After collecting all 13 letters, put them all together to create a sentence! Email Deena directly with what the sentence says and she’ll email you back with a special gift!
They'll also a draw for One $20 Amazon or B&N gift card for one lucky person who emails in the sentence to Deena. 

Here's your letter for this stop: L

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  1. I LOVE WENDY! Okay, just had to get that out... Thanks so much for having me here today and hosting the DEVIL DU JOUR. I'd hope it'd be a tasty morsel. ;)

    1. AWE LOVE YOU TOO!! You are so Welcome Deena.. Anytime! I so love Camille and Derek, looking forward to the remaining 11 installments.. xoxo


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