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In the Music Spotlight: The Kodiax ~ Part II: The Interview

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Pick Your Place

Take, Take Take 
(Lyrics by Micah Smith)

Write it Down 
(Lyrics by Logan Townsend and Kris Geiger)

Pick Your Place 
(Lyrics by Kris and Cullen)

Fear of Mirrors 
(Lyrics by Logan Townsend, Micah Smith, Casey Tout)

(Lyrics by Kris and Cullen Geiger)

The Resurrected 
(Lyrics by Kris Geiger)

Feel the Fire
 (Lyrics by Micah Smith)

(Lyrics by Casey Tout, Micah Smith, Ryan Hughes)

(Lyrics by Logan Townsend and Kris Geiger)

Bounty and Bliss
(Lyrics by Logan Townsend)

Goodnight Satellite
(Lyrics by Casey Tout)

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Meet The Kodiax
Vocals: Kristian Geiger

Drums: Casey Tout

Guitar: Micah Smith

Bass: Ryan Hughes

1. How long have youVocalstogether, and who does what in your band?

We have been a band for two years in this line up, which is the truth form of The Kodiax. 

Kristian Geiger - Vocals
Micah Smith - Guitar
Ryan Hughes - Bass
Casey Tout - Drums

2. I noticed that you write your own songs, who are your musical  influences?

We have several influences from Brand New to Jim Croce, Coheed and Cambria to Tool. Those 4 are the greatest.

3. What challenges do you encounter in your song writing?

Opportunity mostly, we enjoy writing music as a group, and its not often we have the opportunity to get together and write music. Three of us work shift work so its hard to collaborate at times. When we are together it flows freely, it seems.

4. When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

For most of us it has been a life long endeavor, for some it was an opportunity to try something new. Myself personally, Kris, I've wanted to perform for an audience since I was very young, 4 or so if memory serves me. 

5. Where was your first public performance and when?

Our first real performance was in 2014 at a bar in Baton Rouge named Phil Brady's. It went awfully lol, but it was a start, and a learning experience. We have only had 12 shows since that day, so we make every opportunity to improve our performance.

6. How did you come up with your band's name, The Kodiax?

It was a collaboration of wanting a name that encompasses our desire to be fierce and tame. You see, our music is not written to have any particular "sound" but is written organically and very much in the moment. So our music at times is softer, or tame. And at other times it is much rougher or fierce.
We were originally "The Kodiaks", but that moniker was already taken, so we had to adjust.

7. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Write how you feel, in that moment. Vent it to paper as it were. And once you're done expressing that, walk away from it. Allow yourself to be critiqued, after every show, and set goals to improve your performance. Never settle, and always reach higher than what you believe you can achieve. 

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