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Interview with Harley De Luca

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We have the delightfully sexy Harley De Luca on our Blog today,. I am excited.. Welcome Harley, it is so nice to have you here today! Harley is a newly published author with Hot Ink Press, an erotic imprint of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Before we get to the interview I thought I would introduce one of Harley's new releases.

18+ Only Please

In the realm of all things sexual, Rachel used her sexuality as a form of escape. She desperately tried to avoid her past to manipulate her future by delving into the dark recesses of all things kinky. With a fearful past, she turned her hurt, rage, confusion and unexplained passion into nothing but pure pleasure. Being a Mistress came naturally for Rachel, she was good at being a Dom. Only one challenge stood in her way, would she be able to accept her life the way it was now or was she secretly yearning for something more?
Dominic was your all around “grade-A” male. Had the job, the money, the title, but didn’t have the will to live, not until he walked into London Leather. Like most of the rich and famous he needed the escape of normality, needed to be reminded of who he was when he was stripped of everything. He had been stripped before but not like this. Would he be able to withstand all he was about to receive or would he have to resort back to his old ways and just pray for death?

Mistress of Passion

Bella Morte:

Now for the Interview

When did you start writing?
I started writing a few years ago in a book group on Shelfari. The set-up was sweet! The admin of the group actually gave us guidelines to follow and a the next “scene” we were going to be doing, but let us decide how we were going to actually get the scene rolling. It was a fabulous way to get all of us readers the chance to show how to books we read actually helped some of us become actual authors.

What inspired you to do it?
At first when I started writing it was just for fun. But then as my writing progressed and I joined FaceBook as a role player that was when writing actually became more of a “I have to do this or the world will end” kind of thing for me. I have a very vivid imagination anyway, but it was actually one of my RP scenes that inspired me to actually write Mistress of Passion.

What projects have you done?

Currently my only published work is Mistress of Passion and two poems in the Hot Ink anthology, Bella Morte.

Any new projects coming up?
I do have nine WIP’s in motion as we speak. There are going to be three short’s I am going to be finishing and also a series. I would love to spill the deets but I am totally keeping those for myself for right now!! But as always there will be off the charts sex scenes in every single one of my stories!! ;)

Are you an independent artist or are you represented by an agency?
If you count my publisher as an agency then I am happily “owned” by Hot Ink press! Who, by the way, I total bow down to!

Any favorite bands? Do you use music to inspire you as you write?
I LOVE Pitbull, Pink, and Lady Gaga. But I will listen to anything that either has a shake your ass kind of beat to it or anything that can help me with a fight scene. Korn, Linkin Park and Rammstein just to name a few.
What advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?
Carry a notebook and a couple of pens with you at all times. You never know when inspiration will strike. Also, keep an open mind and just write. And well of course don’t forget to read! The more you read the more inspired you become!

Anything you would like to share with readers on a personal note that would allow them to get to know you better?
LOL! Well let’s see! I am a mix of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a sense. I have some off the wall, bat shit crazy moments that attack me without being provoked! I also have a very serious; let’s get down to business side. But most of all I am just a crazy, no-filter, jeans and a t-shirt kind of woman!

Do you find it hard to share your work with others?
There are times I do find it hard to share what I have written. Of course we are all our own worst critics and some of the things I write I am afraid that it isn’t good enough to read. I have learned in this past year just to let go and if you get rejected then ya know what? Shit happens. You can only please (rough estimate) 7 out of 10 people, so I figured at least that is above a 50% of making someone’s day!

Did your writing come from just a need to express yourself or a particular experience that you had?
My writing has always been about self-expression for me. There are days when I want to rip people’s heads off, so, instead of actually doing that and going to prison I write out my fight scene. It also helps in expressing sex. In one of my other interviews I said I kind of felt like a sex therapist in a way. Just knowing that someone is reading my work and then actually trying all of the things (toys, scenes, etc..) that I wrote it actually makes you feel like you helped them in some way. Move over Dr. Laura, Harley is in town!! :P

LOL! Thanks for stopping by today Harley, it has been a pleasure to get to know you. You can bet you I will be reading this soon enough..I love the cover and a good HAWT Read. Look for my review on Lovetiggi's Book Reviews

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