Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Review: Stormrise (The Storm Chronicles, #1) by Skye Knizley

My Review of Stormrise
Title: Stormrise
series: The Storm Chronicles, #1
Author: Skye Knizley
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: 
October 30, 2013

Life isn't easy for Detective Raven Storm. Her best friend was recently killed and dismembered, her latest case ended with her partner in intensive care, and her mother, the vampiric Mistress of the City is playing matchmaker… again. The last thing she wants is another bizarre murder case with a partner she doesn't know. But that is exactly what she gets when she is handed the enigmatic case of Nathan King, who was found in his car with a gaping hole where his stomach should be.

Soon Raven is unraveling a mystery that leads her deep into the city's preternatural underworld, and into the arms of a sexy vampire she barely knows, but whose heart she seeks in the darkness...

5 out of 5 Hearts

This is my first time reading a Skye Knizley book. I must say that I found it to be extremely well written and an enthralling read.

Raven Storm is a Detective with the Chicago Police Department... as well as being half-vampire and half-human. Just makes for a more compelling read. A strong female protagonist is exactly who Raven Storm is. Her partner is quite the character too.

There is a lot of kick assery action, betrayal, mystery, as well suspense. Twists kept me intrigued as the turns kept me guessing. My kinda read.

I will continue on with this series because it is fascinating to me. Well Done Miss Knizley!!

5 out of 5 Hearts

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