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A Novel Approach to Silicon Valley ~ Private Offerings: A Silicon Valley Novel by Ann Bridges Author

A Novel Approach to Silicon Valley 
Disclaimer: This is a copyrighted title from Ann Bridges, Silicon Valley Author, used by permission.

I am thrilled to introduce Author Ann Bridges to you all. Ms. Bridges hails from Silicon Valley, California. My home for many years. She writes a
compelling, fast paced tale of technological intrigue from the scenic Silicon Valley. A definite new Author for me and one I plan on following.

I have included the complete press release because it is so fascinating. The wording of the title, "A Novel Approach to Silicon Valley"  speaks volumes to me, as much as I hope it resonates with you.

Without any further ado...




September 1, 2015, San Jose, California

The big technology news this month:  The Pentagon re-establishes a base deep inside Silicon Valley, hoping to attract the best minds and technology to solve emerging, global threats, including China’s growing hack attacks.

For years, acclaimed San Jose author Ann Bridges tracked China's growing hunger for American cutting-edge technology, as well as its potential motivations. In her debut novel, Private Offerings, she weaves a thrilling tale around venture capital and Wall Street wheeler-dealers jostling for position against Chinese interests, ahead of a high-stakes international IPO with cutting-edge security implications. A former IPO business executive, Bridges has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for decades. 

"This is a high-tech tale of international intrigue, populated with promiscuous characters of dubious integrity with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader's attention to the very end,” says George Koo, former U.S. business consultant to China and board member and contributor, New America Media. 
“This new author demystifies Silicon Valley with a story of love, greed and financial shenanigans."

Private Offerings is the first-ever suspense thriller set against the backdrop of Silicon Valley’s modern day Gold Rush. Additionally, Bridges is one of few women writing in this traditionally male genre. Following in the footsteps of bestseller novelists Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton, Bridges writes from her female perspective with a no-holds-barred look into the technology and investment communities against a backdrop of today’s political economic and political realities.

“Ann Bridges draws on her personal experience and insider’s view of the world of Silicon Valley and IPOs to bring you intriguing, suspenseful fiction. She includes a ring of truth about the emerging influence of China on the high-tech, high-finance worlds,” said Dinah Lin, public speaker and author, and former Fortune 500 business executive.

Ann Bridges will appear at launch events throughout Silicon Valley starting in mid-September, including at Barnes & Noble stores throughout Silicon Valley, and featured as part of the 2015 San Jose State University Campus Reading Program. Private Offerings is available for order now, in both printed and eBook formats, wherever books are sold.

Ann Bridges writes novels marrying Silicon Valley's past and future with stories that matter now.  Private Offerings, published by Pasadena-based Balcony 7 Media and Publishing, is available in all formats, wherever books are sold.

About the Author

Dynamic debut novelist Ann Bridges redefines contemporary suspense by blending her unique insider’s knowledge of Silicon Valley within the framework of a sexy, fast-paced, international thriller depicting China’s growing influence on America’s economic powerhouse.

Ms. Bridges is a native of Chicago who fell in love with Silicon Valley while earning her B.S. degree from Stanford University. Settling in San Jose, she embarked on a dynamic career spanning operations, finance, and marketing executive positions in the exploding convergence of the technology, communications, and entertainment industries.

Years of intimate business experience earned in the male-dominated world of Silicon Valley form the foundation of Ms. Bridges’ series of addictive, intelligent fiction. She captures real-world elements and balances a complex plot with genuine characters and provocative twists in a literary style that appeals to both sexes.
Balcony 7 Media and Publishing is proud to present the first of three novels, Private Offerings, set for release September 15, 2015. Journalists from San Jose Mercury News and Upside acclaim her book; fellow businesspeople praise its authenticity and timeliness.

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