Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: Soul Games Anthology by Alexia Purdy, Deborah Noel, Leah D. W., Monique O'Connor James, Jamie Dougherty, Carly Wallace, W. H. Nielson, Sacha Hope, and Nadége Richards

Welcome Everybody! I thought I would switch it up today! I just finished Soul Games Anthology!! Wow what an amazing group of talent all in one place!

When the "Higher Power"grows bored and restless games are made. Souls are torn apart for fun, more souls are used in wicked collector games, and souls are twisted in cruel destinies.

This anthology is a collective piece ofwork to show different and beautifully crafted ideas of the plight ones soul must endure. Simple love and life are tainted and broken in these stories.

My Review:
OK so this is a first for me! I am not including my short story in this review. Why? Because I just don't feel right about it. So with that being said, what my literary sisters have contributed to this anthology are absolutely amazing. Go get ya some.

Alexia Purdy -An amazing short that gets twisted as it goes forward.. Loved it!

Deborah Noel -OMG! I want more of this story... A glimpse into a world where a simple prayer sealed a fate.. Brilliant!

Leah D. W. -Wow! I liked the presentation of this story and I guarantee you will want more too.

Monique O'Connor James -I LOVE her writing, I always learn something new with each story I read.. Love It..

Jamie Dougherty -OMG Girl! This is an amazing story of self discovery! I want more please?

Carly Wallace -What can I say? I LOVE Carly's writing style, so deep, emotionally charged, and heartfelt.. Write On!

W. H. Nielson -

Sacha Hope -What a suspenseful, twisted little tale. Well written.

Nadége Richards -Nice little paranormal story here. Love it!

5 out of 5 Hearts
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