Monday, February 25, 2013

Coming Soon from Bayou Brew Publishing

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Today I have a real treat tor you.. Bayou Brew Publishing is releasing Skin Deep A Book of Poetry by Ash X'Connor and re-releasing Concrete Angel by Carly Wallace. Oh I cannot wait. They are coming 3/1/2013!!!

Skin Deep A Book of Poetry by Ash X'Connor

Buckle in for a journey through pain, love and depression as you ride the whirlwind of this dark poetry collection.

A Moment of Peace:
Tear filled eyes and broken hearts,
I’ve seen a world of love and I’ve seen it fall apart!
Smoke filled lungs and acid rain,
I loved you all the same!
The road turns and sways,
The yellow lines dance and fade away,
The earth shakes and the clouds fall,
You’ve broken me after all!
The day turns to black,
The moon drowns in the fallen leaves,
And my soul rests beneath the seas.

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Concrete Angel by Carly Wallace

Ethereal is more than her name it will become her state of mind. After a sudden loss Ethereal is given a choice in her afterlife. Choices are all it takes sometimes to find the forgiveness to move on. However the things we learn through our choices may lead to bigger and better things, both inside and out.

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