Friday, January 04, 2013

Soul Game Anthology coming soon

OMGosh I am stoked! My short story "Chance Encounters or Destiny?" will be debuting in the "Soul Game Anthology".....
It just goes to show that anything is possible when one applies themselves. Goals were a huge part of the process. I am a Procrastinator from way back, shy until I get to know you, and now I am fulfilling a lifelong dream.

The authors in this anthology are all talented, imaginative, and beautiful people.. I am so excited to stand beside them and bring this Rocking Read to you... I will keep you updated as things happen...


  1. SO VERY MUCH WANT TO READ!!! Congratulations and BIG SUCCESS!!! Lots of love, Emily

    1. Thanks Emily.... I am stoked I cannot even think straight sometimes.. xoxo


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