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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: The Burden of Trust by Tabitha Dye

Title: The Burden of Trust
Author: Tabitha Dye
Genre: Contemporary, Women's Fiction
Release Date: October 18, 2013
Cover Design: Tabitha Dye

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The Burden of Trust
is a love filled drama about an arrogant actor who accidentally falls head over
heels with a lesbian who has a dark twisted past.

As a last resort, Kate found herself in the hospital chapel; even though she wasn’t a religious person, she needed guidance more than she had ever
imagined. Sitting in silence with maybe one other person, Kate was unsure of how this was done. It had been three months since Kerri had fallen into her coma, and Kate had begun to lose her faith about recovery. Her eyes closed and her hands folded in a prayer pose; she didn’t pay any attention when someone sat down in her pew, but continued to pray. A soft, drawling voice spoke to her and rattled her nerves. Kate had prepared herself for this moment; it would only be
a matter of time before they showed up.

She opened her eyes, but continued to stare at the front of the church as she whispered, “What are you doing here?”
It took a long moment for a response, but when it did it sounded like nails on a chalkboard. “I’m here to see ma daughter. But I could ask ya the same thing. Ya know, darling, God doesn’t really approve of homosexuality.”
Irate, Kate turned her head and stared into the eyes of Gloria Westwood. Dressed
in her light pink, pressed Chanel skirt suit with satin low heels to match,
Gloria was the only woman Kate knew who would wear nylon stockings in Florida.
The short, auburn hair was sprayed together with a can of hairspray, and her
makeup was perfectly thick enough to cover the years of bigotry and hate that
she supported while her husband preached it to the masses. The “click, click”
sound of her perfect manicured nails on the set of pearls that she wore every
day of her life drove Kate mad.


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