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PIMPIN' a Spotlight: Author Erin O'Quinn

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Erin O'Quinn is an author I met in I Love My Authors Group on Facebook.After sharing her work over several months, I decided to learn more about her work and find out a little bit more about her. What better way than to do just that; Spotlight her here and learn together.
Without any further ado.... 

Erin O’Quinn sprang from the high desert hills of Nevada, from a tiny town which no longer exists. A truant officer dragged her kicking and screaming to grade school, too late to attend kindergarten; and since that time her best education has come from the ground she’s walked and the people she's met.

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Heart to Hart: 
A roustabout with a secret falls arse-over-bollocks for a surly, angry PI. Together, they solve a mystery but start their own, much deeper one.

Sparring with Shadows:  
A man fights his inner demons while confronting his horny flat-mate, a determined swordsman, and a dangerous

To the Bone: 
A pesky newcomer burrows like a tick between the two PIs even as they struggle to fight crime and to understand each other’s most secret desires.

Thin as Smoke: 
Hollow-chested Dashiell Hammett stands between Michael and Simon like a blunt revolver, and his presence in a Mafia-hunt threatens to dead-end their edgy relationship.

Heart to Hart: 

Sparring with Shadows: 

To the Bone: 

Thick as Smoke:  

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  1. Wendy the Wizard ... how you put this together with a few tattered scraps is more than I can understand! Thanks for letting me bow in front of a whole new audience. I hope those who like post-steampunk era, humor, sexy guys and mystery will pick up the first Gaslight Mystery and continue from there. HEART TO HART begins the madness and the romance...

    Your comments are welcome here. You can drop me a PM any time on FB, or just visit my author page. Thanks, everyone, for your kindness in stopping by for a few minutes. :-D

  2. What a great spotlight! I'm a fan of all Erin's works. Her characters and wonderful descriptions pull you right in from the first chapter. I'm hooked and always look forward to any of her new releases.

    1. Darling Harper, you've made my day by stopping for a visit. Thanks for your very kind words!

      With gratitude, ~Erin


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