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Review: Candice Stauffer's Eternal Breath of Darkness

Welcome Everybody! I am sharing my my friend Candice Stauffer's Book today! I read this a while back and fell in love with it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Hearts

Will Caylee’s salvation come from the solitude of the cold, dark grave or from the the sinful delights of surrendering her body and soul to the seduction of a wickedly sexy, dark and dangerous powerful immortal?

From the beginning of time, Haden’s kind has to stop the deadliest forces of darkness from destroying mankind. He has never feared defeat until now. He would sacrifice anyting, even his life to protect Caylee. But despite possessing the dragon’s fierce nature and power, there’s little hope he’ll save her from a lust-crazed vampire that a rogue demon is aiding.

Instead of completing the ancient ritual that’ll give his eternal breath to her and bind their souls together for eternity, will Haden be forced to kill Caylee to prevent her from suffering a never-ending thirst for blood?

Haden is HAWT DAYUM!
February 11, 2012 By Lovetiggi's Book Reviews
Format: Kindle Edition

Awesome Book! For Adults Only!! ARC for Review ~Caution: NOT A YA Read!

OMGosh this book takes you from the pits of a living hell on a journey of love, lust, passion, action-packed fight sequences, not mention very vivid, HOT, and Steamy Sex scenes! I am honored to have been able to Read~n~Review this book! The characters are personable, detailed and so realistic, that I found myself yelling at Caylee for being so stubborn by not making better choices, laughing when she teasingly shows Hayden her naught, and being terrified when her past is revealed or when she comes face to face with a very, lustful and twisted vampire!

Haden is a character I really enjoyed, his demanding nature, his lack of self-control around Caylee, all he wants to do is love and protect for all eternity, but lets face it, when he is angered, you definitely will know. He is a force to be reckoned with and not be ignored!

The world building is consistent, passionate, and spell-binding as Candice Stauffer creates a storyline with a powerful punch to entertain and intrigue the reader with the hope of more to come. I highly recommend this book our adult readers only! This is the first book of her series and what an introduction it is!

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