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Blog Tour & Review: Travel Bites by The Hungry Traveller

Title:  Travel Bites
Author : The Hungry Traveller
Genre:  Non-fiction travel literature
Publisher : Wattle Publishing


Travel Bites is a collection of anecdotal travel stories that crisscross the globe. It is the first work by The Hungry Traveller who has combined his two great life passions: travelling and eating! The Hungry Traveller has been travelling for the last fifteen years and, along the way, has experienced many different sights, tastes, and cultures. Central to his travel experiences has been the role of food. Through his unique and very personal style of storytelling, you too can share in the highs and the lows of his stories from around the world. At the end of each story is a recipe for a dish inspired by his adventure. Travel Bites will capture your imagination and curiosity; and will leave you yearning to plan your next holiday, adventure or escape!

Eire of the Dog
Location: Republic of Ireland
Ok, despite spending two weeks traveling around Ireland, I cannot recall one memorable meal that I had. Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing two weeks – it is just that for once, none of my memories were associated with food.

The Highs and Lows of Bush Camping
Location: Eastern Africa
One of my first adult travel experiences was when I traveled overland through East Africa, from Nairobi in Kenya, to Harare in Zimbabwe. I chose East Africa as a destination because at the time I had only a little money, but even with my meager savings I could still afford a ten week overland safari.

Another World
Location: Sapa, Vietnam
I had been in Vietnam for around three weeks when I boarded the train at Hanoi station for the overnight trip to Lao Cai, a town in the north west of Vietnam on the border with China. Although my tourist visa was about to run out, I had been told by a couple of backpackers whom I had met in Hanoi that trekking out to the hill tribe areas near Sapa in the remote north-west mountains of Vietnam was a must do experience.

5 out of 5 Hearts

The Hungry Traveller is a new to me author.

I went into this blind... Non-fiction is not my usual genre...vwhat a pleasant surprise. 

The author's name and the title fits perfectly. Combining a Love of travel with a Love of food makes for an interesting read. I enjoyed learning about his experiences across the globe. I will definitely be revisting this read again in the near future. 

Well written, easy to follow, and fast paced makes this a winner in my book. I felt like I was sitting around the table or in a campground listening to stories of yesteryear.

I definitely recommend this book to the readers out there who Love travel and eating.

I was gifted copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. No renumeration was involved.

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The Hungry Traveller is a travelling enthusiast who loves to eat! When travelling, he enjoys meeting new people and engaging with locals to learn about their culture, history and the food that they eat.

Wattle Publishing is an independent publisher. We publish fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 

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