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Spotlight & Review: No Mercy: A Darker Continuation (Mercy Trilogy, #2) by Lucian Bane

_¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆★☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆★☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸Spotlight & Review: Mercy Trilogy by Lucian Bane 

Title: No Mercy: A Darker Continuation
Series: Mercy, #2
Author: Lucian Bane
Genre: Dark Erotica Thriller
Release Date: May 25, 2015
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Sade and Mercy’s journey takes a dark turn in No Mercy: A Darker Continuation some nightmares last only minutes. Sometimes those minutes can last a lifetime.

Dark lusts and self-loathing become a merciless dance Sade can't escape. Surviving one night of horror leads him to a ledge he's never been, where terror mixes with his sadism and masochism for a whole new monster with No Mercy.


5 out of 5 Hearts

Oh Shiznit! Where to start...

In this second installment of Lucian Bane's Mercy Trilogy we have incredibly intense turns and sizzling sexilicious twists that left my mouth agape, my mind asking, "Come again~ WTF just happened?" Action packed with horror, lust, angst, rage, deception, raw emotion, and more.

 Forget the Ice water, stick me in the walk in freezer. LOL
Well written with crystal clear and descriptive scenes that blew me completely out of the water.

Sade is a definite bad boy gone wild... I just want to reach out and hold him during his deep, dark, and emotional episodes.  Mercy is going through quite a bit of emotions as she deals with what's happening to her, with her, around her, and within her. These mutilayered characters are extremely believable, remarkable and rememorable.

This Series has become one of my favorites. Lucian Bane is a very talented word smith, whose writing style I am thoroughly enjoying.
I cannot wait to see what will happen in the final installment... Beg for Mercy: A Dark Conclusion.

Title: Mercy: A Dark Erotica
Series: Mercy, #1 
Author: Lucian Bane 
Genre: Dark Erotica Thriller
Release Date: March 26, 2015 

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There are memories and actual scenes in the story that could be triggers for those who have suffered abuse. I did my best to shelter the reader at the more abusive parts while bringing to life this story of darkness meeting mercy, (who is a woman named Mercy, in this story). So read with caution.

As a sadomasochist, Sade just wants to get and give pain in manageable and somewhat legal doses.

All Mercy wants is to walk in her father's footsteps--a man who sacrificed everything to save her from a life of abuse and suffering.

When Mercy finds an envelope on her doorstep leading her to Sade, the result is a collision of pain and mercy.

For Sade, Mercy's kindness is dessert for his sadism, and her strength has his masochism hot and begging.

Exploiting both for his own pleasure is his plan until he realizes that Mercy's got her own game.

And playing it requires something he's never had.



Title: Beg for Mercy: A Dark Conclusion
Series: Mercy, #3 
Author: Lucian Bane 
Genre: Dark Erotica Thriller

Release Date:  August 18, 2015 

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The fight is on in this installment, Mercy is holding nothing back in her endeavor to prove to Sade he can experience love and pleasure. Sade, however has other plans and his darkness is front and center in them. 

Meanwhile, Father Abraham is still on the loose with a score to settle with them all and no one is safe from his wrath. 

Will love conquer all in this story? Can the heart really be used to recondition the brain? Find out what happens in this Dark Conclusion.


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